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Frequently Asked Questions about Apostille from Germany

  • Express Apostille Issuance

    Can be possible in few days on request

  • What is an apostille needed for?

    A Hague Apostille implies the authenticity of the signatures on the document and the authenticity of the seal of the issuing governmental authority.

  • Who issues an apostille in Germany?

    A public authority for example a court if a notary has notarized the document in advance

  • In which languages is the apostille issued?

    Generally, apostilles are issued in German language. Translations are also possible into other languages.

  • How much time does it take to issue an apostille?

    Approximately within two weeks the issuance can be completed

  • Does the document have to be notarized by a notary before an apostille is issued?

    This depends on the document that is to receive the apostille. We will check and inform you.

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