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Order replacement official documents of birth from Germany

  • International form US $89

    This form is the most wanted. One in a international / multilingual form issued birth certificates. The form contains the following languages german, english, french, italian, dutch, polish, portuguese, serbo-croatian, spanish and turkish. Please note that multilingual documents are only available from about 1913 onwards. Before this period, certificates are only available in German. If desired, an English translation can be carried out by a sworn translator for a fee (about 83 USD).

  • Certified copy from the birth register US $89

    For the purpose of family research, we recommend to order this form. A certified excerpt from the register of births gives all the information that was officially recorded in connection with the birth. The certificate, including any margin notes, is issued as an extract from the electronic register or as a copy or exact wording of the birth entry from the register of births. Which form of this certificate is issued depends on the age of the certificate and cannot be influenced. In addition to the details of the birth (including time of birth and additional information on the parents), the extract also contains subsequent changes, such as adoption or change of name. Only available in German

  • German form US $89

    One birth certificate only in german language. This document is only available in German and often contains important additional information about the birth and / or family. A translation into other languages is available on request for a fee.

  • International and German form US $129

    One birth certificate in German and one in multilingual form

  • International form incl. a Apostille US $177

    International certificate (multilingual form) with Apostille. Apostilles are generally issued by the authorities in German only. Please note that several authorities are involved in issuing an apostille. This means a processing time of about 4 weeks.

  • International form incl. a Apostille and translation of the Apostille US $299

    One birth certificate (multilingual form) with Apostille. Apostilles are generally issued by the authorities in German only. Including the translation of the apostille by a court-certified translator into English, French or Spanish. Please let us know after your order which language the apostille should be translated into.

We ask to consider that some districts of the cities of


for processing takes about 6-8 weeks. There is no possibility of the fastest processing.

Concerning certificates incl. apostille from Berlin: For the issuance of an apostille the competent authority in Berlin currently needs about three months!