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statement of legal effect Germany
Statement of legal effect

Official copies of divorce decrees from Germany including statement of legal effect

You are divorced and want to marry again?

You have lost your divorce decree and you need an official copy of your divorce decree including the statement of legal effect for your new marriage?

We can request the divorce decree including statement of legal effect, facts of the case and reasons for the decision at the respective court.

Divorce decrees from Germany including statement of legal effect
Divorce decrees from Germany
If necessary, the German divorce decree can be translated by a certified translator.

We are cooperating with different certified translators whose reliability and knowledge of legal terminology has been certified by a German court.

Official documents from Germany that are to be used abroad usually need to be recognised through legalisation or an apostille, i.e. a certificate of authenticity for seal and signature.

If you need an apostille on the divorce decree copy, we can request it with the competent authority.

The apostille will be issued in German.

If you need a legalisation, please inform us as other certificates are necessary.


Fees for requesting a copy of the divorce decree including statement of legal effect are

75 USD

Fees for the divorce decree including statement of legal effect and apostille are

149 USD

Fees for translation can only be named after we have seen the decree. Fees vary depending on the length of the document.

Before commissioning the translation, we will inform you about the fees. Fees have to be paid in advance via PayPal.

Who can request divorce decrees?

Divorce decrees can only be requested by involved persons and their children. To be allowed to request the decree, we need you to issue a power of attorney and a copy of your passport for identification purposed, for children we also need a copy of the birth certificate.

Duration Delivery of all documents usually takes a couple of weeks. Thank you for your understanding.

Certificates that we get are issued by the registrar’s offices in Germany with official seal.