Your personal support in Germany


Our terms are simple and understandable.

  • German authorities enter the information in a certificate, which were valid at the time of acquisition.

The act also includes official additions or changes, if present.

That is why we are neither responsible nor liable for the content of the documents.

This is restricted to the competent national German authorities.

  • We deliver only valid official documents issued by German government agencies, archives or by German laws certain institutions.

We kindly ask you to observe the following information:

The documents are absolutely unique personal and official documents. A return and or a refund of the fee is not possible.

As soon as our service has been paid by you, your order will be executed immediately. From this point it is not possible to cancel the order and a refund is not possible.

Please note that we have no control on how long an authority will take to complete their editing process, but are in contact with each office on a daily basis to do our best to move things along.

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