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Example of an apostille of a diploma awarded by a university
Apostille with stamp from Germany

Apostille and Attestation stamp from Germany Hague Convention

What is an Apostille?

An Apostille is a special certificate issued by an authority. This certificate confirms the exact match of a copy with its original document. Apostilles are issued in the countries which signed the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents – in short Hague Convention.This convention has been signed in 1961 and replaces the time-consuming, multilevel process of certification, where one document has to be certified by four different authorities.

What’s the use of Apostilles?

An Apostille is used for copies of official documents required in another country, e.g. international marriages, adoptions, inheritances or normal contracts. An Apostille is an official confirmation of the genuineness of a document which shows the exact match of a copy with its original document.

We also obtain Apostilles /  Attestation for:

we arrange the issuance of an apostille
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • GMP
  • Criminal Record
  • Police clearances
  • Enrollment Certification
  • Certificate good conduct Germany
  • Certificate of Marketability GOP
  • Copy of passport
  • Entry of pets
  • pension approval certificate
  • notice of pension granted
  • Cargo transport by container
  • proof of income
  • Death certificate
  • Free Sale Certificate
  • Manufacturer Proof
  • Veterinary Certificate
  • Certificate of Manufacture
  • Certificate of Manufacture and Free Sale
  • manufacturing authorization
  • Health Certificate
  • Export Certificate
  • procedural documents
  • notarial documents
  • Certificates and administrative documents
  • Trade Register Extracts
    Certificates of tax offices
  • School records
  • Diploma
  • Clearance certificates
  • certificate of origin

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necessary notarization by our notary is included in the fee and will not be charged separately

Please note:

Necessary notarization by our notary is included in the fee and will not be charged separately.

No hidden fees!

We arrange the certification and issuance of an Apostille of your documents!

We will inform you of the costs and the complete processing time of the issuance of an apostille by the German authorities.

The apostille is issued by the authorities only in German and notarized in Germany.
Processing time 24 hours plus processing time of the involved authorities, consulates or embassies.

After receipt of your order you will receive a proper invoice.

Apostille Fast Express Service

In some cases it is also possible to obtain an apostille within 24 hours incl. all official certifications from the authorities. Whether this possibility exists or not depends on the authorities/courts involved.

For this express processing a higher fee is due.

We need to see your document and we can check the possibilities and inform you about the fees.

On request, the German Apostille could by a sworn translator to be translated into other languages. The fees of the certified translation will be charged extra.

Information about Apostille for civil status documents:

One Apostille included one multi-lingual form issued birth -, marriage -, death certificates. The form contains the following languages german, english, french, italian, dutch, polish, portuguese, serbo-croatian, spanish and turkish.

The divorce decree is only available in German. On request, a translation into other languages for a fee is possible.

Fee: 179.00 USD

We organize the issuing of Apostille and legalization in Germany.

The Federal Republic of Germany can issue Apostilles for the following countries:
Albania – Andorra – Antigua and Barbuda – Argentina – Armenia – Australia – Austria – Bahamas – Bahrain – Bahrain – Barbados – Belarus – Belgium – Belize – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Botswana – Brazil – Brunei Darussalam – Bulgaria – Cape Verde – Chile – China – Colombia – Cook Islands – Costa Rica – Croatia – Cyprus – Czech republic – Dominica – Ecuador – El Salvador – Estonia – Fiji – Finland – France – Georgia – Great Britain – Greece – Grenada – Honduras – Hong Kong – Hungary – Ireland – Israel – Italy – Japan – Kazakhstan – Korea – Latvia – Lesotho – Lichtenstein – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Macau – Macedonia – Malawi – Malta – Marshall Islands – Mauritius – Mexico – Monaco – Namibia – Netherlands – New Zealand – Nicaragua – Nihue – Norway – Oman – Panama – Peru – Poland – Portugal – Romania – Russia – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Lucia – Samoa – San Marino – Saudi Arabia – Serbia – Seychelles – Slovakia – Slovenia – South Africa – Spain – St. Vincent – Suriname – Swaziland – Sweden – Switzerland – Tonga – Trinidad and Tobago – Turkey – Ukraine – Uruguay – USA – Venezuela