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Certificate of good conduct from Germany including issuance of an apostille

With regard to a certificate of good conduct, we may and can only support this process in accordance with the legal requirements if a special certification of the certificate of good conduct is also required, i.e. the additional issuance of an apostille.

The following are the processing steps:

  • First, you must fill out the application in person.
    We will send you the necessary form and we will apply for everything on your behalf.
  • The competent Federal Office of Justice issues your certificate of good conduct
  • For the purpose of additional state certification, your certificate of good conduct will receive an apostille.

We take care of the complete processing and we’ll gladly make you an offer.

Just write us an email to Germany Service

In German, more information about the procedure is available directly on the page of the Federal Office of Justice.

Please note: The Federal Office for Foreign Affairs is also involved in the processing procedure.

According to its own statements, this federal office currently requires at least six weeks for the processing step.

Experience has shown that it currently takes 8-10 weeks.

Therefore, please expect a total processing time of 10-12 weeks for the Federal Office of Justice and the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs.

It is therefore advisable to apply for a certificate of good conduct very early on.

The authorities involved do not offer any way of speeding up the process.

Certificate of good conduct from Germany
Certificate of good conduct from Germany