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Old marriage certificate from Germany issued over 80 years ago.
Old marriage certificate from the archive

Marriage certificates from archives in Germany that were issued over 80 years ago

According to the German Civil Status Act, marriage certificates that are older than 80 years are not issued by the registry office as civil marriage certificates. 

Such old marriage certificates can often be found in archives.
If the old marriage certificate has been found, these marriage certificates can receive a simple official certification. 

This also applies to birth certificates (older than 110 years) and death certificates (older than 30 years).

Since there is no central database for marriage registers in Germany, these old marriage certificates must be searched for in the relevant archives.

In order for us to successfully search for the old marriage certificate, we need to know when and where the marriage took place.

If this information is not available, we can sometimes still successfully search for the marriage certificate, but this often requires significantly more time.

Regarding marriages that took place in the old eastern regions / East Prussia, Silesia, Pomerania, Posen, etc., we have no possibility of obtaining such documents.

>> After receiving your request, we will check which options are available and will make you an offer. <<

Please note that civil status certificates from archives are only available in German.  Upon request, we can provide paid transcription and/or translation into English, Spanish or French.  Fees vary depending on the language and length of the transcription or translation text.

The fees for the civil status certificate, including certification from state archives or municipal authorities, are 155 USD.

Without notarization, the cost is 116 USD. Shipping costs will be charged extra.

If no exact data is available for the desired entry, a search fee will be charged.

For an extensive search in the archives in question, we charge 122 USD.

The search fee is independent of success, which means that this fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances if the document cannot be found in the archive.