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Shipping and delivery time worldwide for documents from Germany

Do I have to pay the shipping price extra?

No, the shipping costs are included.

What kind of postal service we use?

The letters will be sent via registered mail by Deutsche Post.

How long does it usually take to receive the document?

We ship worldwide. Delivery times are different in every country.

Europe approximately 3 – 7 business days

USA, Canada about 8 – 14 business days

South America and Mexico, approximately 12 – 25 business days

South Africa 10 – 20 business days

 Asia approximately 8 – 15 business days

Fast delivery by DHL Express or UPS possible?

Yes, we ship by DHL Express Envelope. Please note: Prices by DHL Express Envelope are extra fees.

European Union43 USDFor deliveries within the EU plus VAT 19 %
U.S. and Canada49 USD
Mexico49 USD
Australia and New Zealand62 USD
Central and South America69 USD
South Africa55 USD
Rest of the World73 USD

Shipping by UPS or FEDEX

If you have an account by UPS or FedEx , we can deliver by UPS or by FedEx.

Delivery times by DHL Express, UPS and FEDEX?

Delivery time about 2 -4 business days

If desired delivery by DHL Express, this might be selected when ordering.


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