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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is entitled to obtain civil status certificates from Germany?

    In Germany, there is very strong data protection for such private documents. Only direct first-degree relatives are entitled to receive such certificates.

    The documents are protected from access by unauthorized persons:

    • Birth certificates 110 years after birth
    • Marriage certificates 80 years after marriage
    • death certificates 30 after death

    After the expiration of the protection period, the documents may be available even to unrelated persons.

  • Are the documents valid?

    Of course, the certificates are issued by the competent registry office including official seal and signature.

  • How soon will I receive the certificate after ordering?

    Normally the authorities involved need about 2-4 weeks for the official issuance of the certificate.
    We ship by courier and the delivery takes about 2-4 days depending on the recipient country.

  • Who can I contact if the birth was not registered by German authorities?

    US citizen

    Authentication Office
    Department of State
    Room 2813
    Washington, D.C., 20524

    Great Britain citizen

    General Register Office, St. Cathrins House
    10 Kingsway
    London W. C. 2B6JP

  • From when are German civil status certificates available?

    Civil status records are available from the founding year of the German Empire in 1874.
    Before this time, church entries are often available from church archives.