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We obtain official documents from Germany

GERMANY-SERVICE could obtain very many people the wished documents world-wide successfully. GSC gets

  • Certified copy of birth certificate from birth records in Germany
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Certified copy of divorce decree

for you.

We establish contact with the responsible authority and send the ordered documents to you.  All official documents are certified and aviable as multilingual form by the responsible registrar for birth certificates / marriage certificate / death certificate / or in german language.

Benefits also you our service.

How do you give GSC a job to obtain the certificated document?

  • Fill out the Form and send the Form to GSC
  • After sending the form, you are on the payment gateway to make your payment.
  • After your payment you receive a confirmation of your order.

After approximately 2 – 3 weeks, you get the wished document per letter-mail.

Who can request certifcates?

Certifcates can only be requested by involved persons and their children. To be allowed to request the certifcates, we need you to issue a power of attorney and a copy of your passport or driving license for identification purposed. The necessary form will be sent to you by e-mail after receipt of order.

Since 2009.01.01 in Germany, a new personal status law in force. The law provides that documents will be after the expiry of fixed periods to records.

Affected are:

  • Births books that are older than 110 years (vintages up to 1909)
  • Marriage books, which are older than 80 years (vintages up to 1939)
  • Death books, which are older than 30 years. (Vintages to 1989)

These books are stored in archives. Therefore we get from these books, a copy of the entry. Please note that these old messages are exclusively in German. The documents are acceptable for matters relating to German citizenship.

Inquiries into an archive may take several weeks. Please understand that processing time can not there be accelerated. Please note that some archives require extra fees for the search for old documents. For example, Hamburg and Berlin. This fee is also required from the archives, if the date of birth is not known. If these extra fees are required, we will inform you about the costs. If you do not want to pay these extra fees, we will cancel your order and refund your payment of course.

For more information see our page at search of genealogy and ancestors in Germany.

Our fees:

One international birth certificate from Germany. One in a multilingual form issued birth certificates. The form contains the following languages german, english, french, italian, dutch, polish, portuguese, serbo-croatian, spanish and turkish.

One birth certificate only in german language

One birth certificate only in german and one international

One certified excerpt from the birth register

89 USD

89 USD

129 USD

89 USD

One Apostille  (included one multilingual birth/marriage/death certificate)

177 USD

One divorce decree

One divorce decree including statement of legal effect and apostille

89 USD

177 USD

Attention: All documents have a seal of course and was issued by the competent governmental authority in Germany. The certificates contain personal data which are subjetcted to data protection. Therefore they can only be requestet by Persons that the certificate refers to, their ancestors, marriage partners, or descendants (regulated by §61 Personenstandsgesetz, german law). Other persons (even other relatives) may only request a certificate if they have a signed written authorisation of a person the certificates relates to.